50 Goth Pet Names That SHRED

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Is your pet simply way, waaaay too dark for a name only a normal would choose? On the other hand, is she apt to roll over for intruders breaking in wearing trenchcoats to have her belly rubbed (if she can be bothered)...but you still want a killer name for her?

Then reach for our fabulous Top 50 list of great Goth pet names below...but be careful what you wish for. (Name meanings and explanations are included to help you with your choice of phabulously phreaky pet moniker.)

  • Alice: In the infamous book, Alice was (supposedly...I mean read it, folks...it's like, a tad weird) innocent and adorable; in the movie, though, her character definitely amped the "creepy". We love it.
  • Altair: Meaning "star" in Greek, this name is so much like "Aleister" (as in Crowley) that we just couldn't leave this one out. (p.s. Aleister is its own great choice.)
  • Annabel: The real possessed doll was actually a Raggedy Ann, but either way, the idea is creepy so now the name is, too. Two sharp-fingernailed thumbs up.
  • Armand: Remember hot Antonio Banderas from Interview With the Vampire? We do. Still. (Mmmmmm. Bad wig and all.)
  • Banshee: A Celtic screaming death spirit, usually female...but hey, there are no rules here.
  • Barnabas: Go-to semi-Satanic name that's everywhere in books, films and myth; interestingly, in Biblical history, it means "son of comfort".
  • Beelzebub: You know you have to...and you probably already know he was reportedly a demon.
  • Bela/Bella: For Lugosi (M/F versions). (PLEASE, you didn't think we meant Twilight, right?)
  • Blade: Yes. Just yes.
  • Boo: This name is just too fun, particularly for a skittish kitten.
  • Casper: He was the friendliest ghost we knew and showed us how much fun tragic early-childhood death could be (thank you, Paramount Studios). This name is just as much fun for a female pet, so either way, have at it.
  • Church: From Pet Semetary, this was the cat that just kept coming back. (The name was short for Winston Churchill.)

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  • Countess: We definitely get a feline vibe from this one, whether it's your cat's adopted name or your own.
  • Damien: The creepy little boy from The Omen (for the movie, the young actor's English schoolboy-blonde hair had to be dyed off-black). Damien was also used for the younger priest's name in The Exorcist.
  • Drusilla/Drucilla: Yes, this name appeared in Buffy, of all places, but she was also the strangely, er, overly-adoring sister of the bloody Gaius Julius Caeasar Germanicus, otherwise known as Caligula...which itself creepily means "little boots." Go for it.
  • Dunkan: Celtic for "dark one." You need to use this exact spelling, though. If not, we'll come after you. Unacceptable, people, unacceptable.
  • Elvira: Retro-lovers will love this one, particularly if they remember the immortal (see what we did there?) and still very active Cassandra Peterson. 
  • Endora: Samantha's awesomely passive-aggressive (or sometimes, just aggressive) mommy in Bewitched.
  • Fester: Of Addams Family fame. Somehow, this is even funnier if the pet ISN'T ugly.
  • Ghidora: This one is fun, and EVERYBODY will ask. Just so you have your answer ready: he was the three-headed dragon-ish monster in a 1964 kaiju film.
  • Hades: Naturally. Even better for a girl kitty than a boy kitty (we're not sure why...but it is).
  • Hecate: Probably already taken by 20 of your closest friends' pets (and by 20 of your closest friends), but still a winner.
  • Ichabod: This name is just so much fun. It's old, it's humorous by the sound and spelling alone, and of course, it's been spread by Sleepy Hollow fame. Plus, in Hebrew it means "no glory"...how much darker can you get? +1.
  • Igor: Yes, mahs-tah.
  • Jezebel: The irredeemable, shameless, hell-bound whore-queen of the Bible who talked her husband into abandoning his own salvation so that like her, he would burn in agony for an eternity after death. Always a good name choice.
  • Lestat: More Vampire fun...plus, we secretly liked him best. (Oh, hell, what's with the "secret" part of that? We know he was EVERYBODY'S favorite.)
  • Lily: A pretty, white, elegant, just all-around super flower that's associated with being dead.
  • Lucifer: We're going to give this one an "of course" too, but we love it.
  • Maleficent: If your pet is a marvelous contradiction of sugar and direct-harm-via-vicious-magical-spells, this is the choice for you.

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  • Medusa: She was killer gorgeous. We know your pet is too, especially when you're a little slow to fill that food dish.
  • Merlin: We're going to confess right here that this is one of our favorite names of all time for any pet...dog, cat, ferret, cockroach, it doesn't matter: name it Merlin. Awesomesauce, and stands the test of time.
  • Midnight: The petting-and-feeding hour, among other things, not all of them sexy.
  • Monstrus: Just because it's fun (you need that spelling, though...it's pretty much a requirement).
  • Nebula: Means "a dark mist."
  • Nosferatu: Among the first of the iconic movie vampires. 
  • Nyx: Literally means "of the night."
  • Pazuzu: Made famous in the book and movie The Exorcist, this Mesopotamian "king of the demons" goes back as far as written history (and probably farther).
  • Rosemary: Back in 1966 (June 6, to be exact), she was the devil's babymama in Rosemary's Baby. Supposedly, she was specially-selected by the Dark King himself (for some weird reason, she wasn't flattered).
  • Shelley: For the cerebral Goth (is there any other kind?), this name is a nod to Marry Shelley (Frankenstein) and her death poetry-writing husband, Percy Bysshe Shelley.
  • Siouxie: Like everyone else, WE LOVE HER...so go for it.
  • Skull: Just because it's fun, obvious, and iconic.
  • Spike: From Buffy, but an all-around fun punk/goth/alt pet name all by itself.
  • Tabitha: The little girl from Bewitched who never did use her powers for deliciously fun destruction as we'd have liked to see; but perhaps your pet will instead.
  • Tariq: In Arabic, "night visitor."
  • Vancha: Of Cirque de Freak fame.
  • Vlad: He'll always be the iconic vampire, even though Vlad the Impaler was just a regular, all-around, average Medieval torturer-and-killer king.
  • Voodoo (or Voudon): This beautiful blend of religions is often misunderstood and unfairly judged. Your pet isn't, though. She's evil, she plans, and she waits for your most relaxed and unsuspecting moment. "Voodoo" it is.
  • Wednesday: Of Addams Family fame. 
  • Zero: Jack Skellington's loving companion...faithful even after death. (Just like you!)
  • Zombie: Highly popular right now in the pet names world, we're finding.


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