8 Bizarre Gravestones You Have to See to Believe

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Death isn't always a comfortable subject...and people deal with it in some truly bizarre ways. Here are 8 of the most fascinating (and shocking) tombstones in the world.

1. Fernand Arbelot, Pere Lachiase Cemetery, Paris

True love? Fernand Arbelot commissioned this memorial in advance of his death in 1990. According to the actor, he wished to gaze upon the face of his wife for eternity. Or perhaps he just wanted to get ahead.

2. Steven "BMW Steve" Marsh, Manor Park Cemetery, London

Now HERE'S a man who loved his ride. BMW Steve drove off into the great Beyond with this real car atop his remains. We hear petrol is free in heaven.

3. Michael Leroy Luther, Thetford Twp. Cemetery, Michigan

As we've seen, some people love cars. And some people love heads. This man loved to put quarters into machines. Is it going too far to say we almost can't wait to die if this is what we can expect our loved ones to design for us?

4. Charles Pigeon, Cimitiere de Montparnasse, Paris

Here, the inventor of the non-exploding gas lamp (yes, really) lovingly entraps his wife in an eternal listening posture while Mr. Pigeon goes over some fascinating notes. Forever. Did you hear that...for...ev...er. Sorry, Mme. Pigeon.

5. Samantha Ann McDonald, Cave Hill Cemetery, Kentucky

Jesus! Is that safe? Oh...wait. Actually, the story behind this one is way, way too sad. So beyond that, we'll leave it alone...rest in peace, little Samantha.

6. Susanne Meyer, Cologne

She just couldn't live without her cell phone! We can relate. On the other hand, we're curious as to why her number was inscribed. We're pretty sure it's in a service dead area.

7. Lester Madden, Allegheny Cemetery, Pennsylvania

The Jaws of death finally got him, but Lester had the last laugh with this tribute to his favorite movie of all time.

8. Italiano Lacomeli, Staglieno Cemetery, Genoa

Again we're at a loss, as there's no way to make light of an innocent child's death. (And we don't want to.) We don't feel we're in any place to judge how the parents dealt with this child's murder - by commissioning the extremely creepy art piece "A Stranger's Hands," shown above. 

We'll leave it at this: death truly is bizarre...and how we remember our loved ones can be weird, wonderful, heartbreaking or sometimes, contradictory - but always so very human.

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