Ghost For Sale: The Possessed Items Market is Hauntingly Huge

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This child’s memoir box was listed in 2013 when the owner’s dogs showed an unusual fear of it.

So you’re searching for that perfect item to round out your cozy living room decor.

How about a doll that’s reported to get up at night and crawl creepily down the hallway? Or a box filled with the belongings of a dead child not yet at rest (including sections of the boy’s hair)? Or perhaps you want to go big or go home with a real-life haunted house.

You’re in luck – more and more reportedly haunted items are popping up on ebay, craigslist and other auction and sale sites across the internet.

Robert the Doll has been a terrifying fixture since 1930 and is frequently credited as the first "famous haunted doll." He currently resides in a Key West, Florida museum - and he's not for sale.

Haunted Items are Big Business for Auction Sites

Amazingly, all the items we named above – and hundreds more – have appeared on internet sites and been snapped up by buyers eager to inject a little life (or in this case, death) into their homes. Reportedly possessed possessions have become so popular that an imprompu search on ebay under the heading “haunted” yielded more than 11,000 results.

Dolls seem to top the list of America’s most haunted-and-wanted, but other haunted items include jewelry, containers (such as keepsake boxes), paintings, and the leavings of their former owners – including tin toys and even locks of hair.

Owners say this "spirit box" contains an "unusual activity/force." It's currently sealed in wax and has debuted on ebay for an $85 starting bid.

Creepy Toys, Chilling Backstories

"Karla the Doll" sold on ebay for $169 in 2016. She came complete with her own backstory: Karla is reportedly possessed by a little girl who was lost at sea in the 19th century.

Karla was snatched up, but dolls like the one above pop up on ebay daily, with their own spooky backstories.

“Karla is one of the most interactive and animated dolls I own. She is eager to communicate with me and with my other dolls,” said the owner in the ebay listing. “(She)…likes cornersdoors, and walls.” An example of Karla’s reported abilities? “Karla moves her lips as though she is forming real words. I have audibly (heard) her along with other dolls in my bedroom.”

Nearly any haunted item you wish to procure arrives complete with its own spooky tale.

“I wanted to keep these things, but have had to keep them in my car because they make my dogs uneasy,” commented the seller of a memoir box containing a tin monkey, a collapsing cup, and locks of hair that were reportedly owned by “little Edgar,” a child who is said to have died in 1920. “(I) had them sitting in a chair in the livingroom [sic] and the dogs would sit and stare at that corner of the room and wouldn’t walk by the chair.”

The Eerie Attraction of “Haunted” Items

So can an item really be haunted? And why on earth (or elsewhere) would anyone want to purchase something that could produce a haunting in his or her home?

According to paranormal researchers, spirit “possession” or haunting of household items is more common than you’d think.

“Most of the time, the reason a doll becomes haunted is because of unfinished business,” said UK-based haunted doll-trader Jayne Harris in an interview. “It could also be a fear of passing over, or sometimes there’s somebody on the other side that the spirits don’t want to reconnect with.”

She may not have looked very scary, but the real Annabelle the Doll required an exorcism by the famous ghostbusting pair Lorraine and Ed Warren.

Anyone who’s seen Poltergeist, Annabelle or the Paranormal Activityfranchise knows that “owning” a ghost may bring more than just cool decor to the atmosphere. So why go out of one’s way to buy a haunted collector’s piece?

Investigators into the phenomenon say people are looking for concrete proof that there’s more than the world we see – and a possessed item may just be the evidence they need.

Others utilize the item in order to increase their own psychic or ghostbusting skills, investigators claim. “When you own a spirited doll or item, you can do sessions in your own home whenever you want,” said Katrin Reedik, a Glasgow, Scotland-based haunted doll collector, in a Supernatural Magazine article.“Some people want to connect solely with the spirit (said to inhabit the item),” stated author Jak Hutchcraft in an information piece.

Considering a Haunted Item? What You Should Know

Whatever the reason, it looks like the creepy items will continue to haunt sales sites for some time to come.

But perhaps tellingly, nearly all auction sites require a disclaimer that the article is for entertainment purposes only.

On the other hand, the alternative may be even scarier: an owner of a collected item may get more than he or she bargained for, including banging cabinets, sudden unexplained illnesses, and objects flying at one’s head, according to multiple stories across the internet.

“The response was terrifying,” Ms. Reedik said of Mystical, a supposedly demon-possessed doll she purchased for just $15. “The TV switched off and on, the lights flickered and I knew it was Mystical talking to me through the electricity. She told me she was happy to have been adopted by me…she was not a doll, she was a person.”

And the owner of demon-infested doll Yulia commented, “(the doll) is not caring of feelings, she wants and she gets.”

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